The last week has been an exciting one! Orders from both Komodo and Bibico have arrived this week so now it's time to really get to business.

The clothing is beautiful... as I expected. I love the slight edginess of Komodo designs. The pieces I've chosen are smart enough to wear in most office environments but the beautiful, natural fibres are lovely and luxurious. The Bibico pieces make me feel so warm and happy, they have a certain lushness about them. I especially love that the Bibico natural, 100% pure wool, 100% hand knitted peices have a beautiful, clean wool smell. Makes me feel all warm and tingly, and to know each peice is lovingly hand knitted under Fair Trade practices is so very special.

Tim has been diligently working on getting the web site up and running and it's starting to come together nicely. Amazingly, after 7 months of Mahalath only ever sleeping for about 20 minutes at a time during the day, this week she's discovered the art of day time napping (not consistently, but it's a start) and I've been taking advantage of having more time to get things done.